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Established in 2015, EXPLORA burst onto the scene with a mission to bring the most imaginative, innovative, and enjoyable playground equipment designs to both Indonesia and Australia. In 2020, we took our passion for playgrounds to Europe, forging a partnership with Astrus Playground Group to cater to the European market.

At the forefront of playground design and fabrication, EXPLORA specializes in crafting bespoke playgrounds tailored to the unique needs of schools, resorts, government entities, and developers. We pride ourselves on local production of top-notch playground equipment for the Indonesian and South-East Asian markets, utilizing components sourced from Australia, Europe, China, and locally obtained steel.

Currently, our dedicated team of 40 professionals, spanning various disciplines and skill sets, operates from our 4000 square-meter workshop located in Jakarta. This space boasts state-of-the-art facilities for steel and wood fabrication, as well as finishing touches that ensure our playgrounds meet the highest standards of quality.

Our playgrounds adhere to stringent Australian standards and we understand that each project is unique, and we can adapt our designs to accommodate your budget, vision, site requirements, and target age group.

Safety is paramount in everything we do, and our equipment is rigorously certified through accredited processes. For the European market, our playgrounds meet the exacting safety standard EN1176, with certification bodies overseeing every aspect, from design and manufacturing to assembly, to ensure compliance.



Exploraplay's playgrounds are proudly crafted in Jakarta, Indonesia, and find homes across the globe. Our design hub resides within our representative office in Vienna, Austria, as well as within our workshop design studio, where we passionately conceive, create, and draft fabrication plans for all our projects.

What truly sets Exploraplay apart is our ability to offer clients a comprehensive service that spans various facets of the design and construction process. Often in a project, you'll find separate entities, including interior designers, playground manufacturers, interior construction firms, and clients, each struggling to effectively communicate with one another. Many playground suppliers limit themselves to selling pre-made products and shy away from custom designs. Local construction companies may lack the expertise to deliver specialized playgrounds, interior designers might not be well-versed in safety standards or fabrication drawings, leaving the client with a less-than-ideal play space.

Exploraplay addresses this communication gap effectively. With our combined expertise as architects, interior designers, and manufacturers, we offer a holistic construction design package for our partners. We not only design custom playgrounds that harmonize with interior concepts but also seamlessly deliver the final playground to its designated space. This integrated approach ensures a cohesive and beautiful play space while eliminating the challenges of disjointed communication.

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