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Bali, Indonesia

Project Info


Exploraplay was asked to design and build a temporary decorative structure for the Bestival festival from the UK in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, a 60 hectare cultural wonderland rich in balinese culture. The ideal setting for the two day Bestival event.


Tasked with the role to design the Lovebot Version II, our goal was simple.To find a balance between appealing to the audience attending Bestival and paying homage to the site. The origin of the design coming from the original UK Cousin. The Lovebot Version I serves as a base, informing us the colour scheme, dimensions and establishing the ‘Dormant Tin Robot Aesthetic’ From here the question was how do we reinvent the Lovebot with a Balinese flavour and a touch of modernity - appealing to Millennials, 80’s kids and everything in between.

Our goal is for audiences to immediately recognise the Lovebot Ver II as a cousin of the old Lovebot. Colours & shapes were kept to create cohesion between Lovebot Ver I & II.

i. Colour: The primary colour remained Yellow, with hints of blue and red.

ii. Shape: The shape and dimensions remained consistent. However leg, arm & head proportions were tweaked to create a more modern looking ‘Tin Robot’.

Think, Less 1950’s and more 1960’s tin robot.

iii. Concept: The poetic concept remained the same. “Designed to look like a friendly flower weilding giant tin toy, that’s been standing rusting for years.” We replaced the flower with a pinwheel to symbolise wind and the Local Balinese peoples love for kites and wind. The Pinwheel is red and white to appropriating the colours of the indonesian flag.

Bali is an Island rich in history and culture, having many temples and ruins. Opting to embrace this, Lovebot Version 2 remains not only a dormant rusted tin toy but one with ancient sanskrit carvings and tattoos. i. Crown: Atop its head is a jeweled crown, inspired by Indonesian mysticism and royalty. The Jewel is refashioned into a Peace symbol.

Sharing a similar vibe to Bestival Balinese Hinduism is a religion striving for peace and balance. Balinese hinduism divides the cosmos into three levels. Heaven, Earth and Hell. this is mirrored in the human body, namely the head, body and feet. These three locations mark the placement for the sanskrit tattoos.

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