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Cahaya Bangsa 
High school

Project Info

600sqm outdoor play

A Cultural Oasis: The Cahaya Bangsa School Playground Embraces Indonesian Architecture and Innovation

Nestled within the vibrant grounds of the Cahaya Bangsa School lies a playground that transcends mere play structures to embody a cultural journey through the traditional Lombok roof architecture of Indonesia. A testament to the school's commitment to embracing local heritage, the playground was envisioned  to seamlessly blend Indonesian traditions with innovative play experiences, resulting in a unique and captivating outdoor oasis for children.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Lombok roof, the playground at Cahaya Bangsa School stands as a tribute to the rich architectural legacy of Indonesia. Every element of the playground, from the main wood structure to the thatched roof and wood composite materials, reflects a deep reverence for Indonesian craftsmanship and design. By utilizing local ironwood and synthetic materials specifically chosen for their durability in the tropical climate and resistance to termites, the playground not only pays homage to Indonesian heritage but also ensures longevity and sustainability in the face of nature's elements.

As children play and explore within the playground's diverse zones, they are transported to a world of enchantment and discovery. The Lombok house playground beckons with towering slides and a thrilling zipline, inviting little adventurers to soar to new heights and embrace the spirit of exploration. The adventure rope course weaves through the playground like a web of excitement, challenging young minds and bodies to conquer obstacles and test their limits. Meanwhile, the ant hill mountains and bridges offer a whimsical twist on traditional playground structures, fostering imaginative play and creative interaction.

From the teepee and triangle net to the balancing beams that dot the landscape, each element of the Cahaya Bangsa School playground serves as a testament to the power of cultural immersion and innovative design. By marrying traditional Indonesian architecture with modern play concepts, the playground transcends the ordinary to become a dynamic space where children can learn, grow, and connect with their heritage in a meaningful way.

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