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Kea island Greece
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160sqm indoor play

144sqm outdoor play

New Island Paradise: Kids Club Kea

Off the Coast of Athens, KEA Island Beckons Young Adventurers to a Maritime-Themed Paradise KEA Island, a tranquil oasis nestled in the embrace of the picturesque Aegean Sea just off the coast of Athens, has recently welcomed a stunning addition to its landscape - the Kids Club Kea. This enchanting children's retreat has been conceived and meticulously developed by the imaginative minds at WWKs and brought to life by the innovative design experts at Exploraplay.

A Seaside Odyssey
The central concept that guided the creation of Kids Club Kea was to seamlessly blend the island's maritime essence with every facet of the design. To achieve this, the designers introduced elements of sailing, the sea, boating, aquatic life, and the natural curves and lines of the sea into every nook and cranny of the club.

Setting Sail for Adventure
At the heart of this maritime-inspired wonderland lies the boat hull structure, a majestic centerpiece that seems to float above the ground. Accessible through an intricate network of playground net tunnels and nets, this elevated hull offers young explorers an exciting point of embarkation for their imaginative journeys. The ceiling overhead is adorned with enchanting fish rattan sculptures and wooden ribbons that lead the way to the babies and toddlers' ship cabin hideout, a secret haven for the littlest adventurers.

Carefully Crafted, Sustainably Selected
The material selection for the Kids Club Kea reflects a commitment to sustainability and a blend of comfort and creativity. The space boasts a harmonious mix of wood, recycled plastic furniture, rattan, and soft padding, offering both durability and a welcoming, eco-friendly atmosphere for the young seafarers.

Kids Club Kea is more than just a playground; it's a maritime adventure brought to life, where children can set sail on the waves of their imagination, explore the wonders of the sea, and forge memories that will last a lifetime. This new island paradise invites young adventurers to embark on a journey of discovery and play, all while immersed in the beauty of KEA Island's stunning coastal surroundings.

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