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Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Project Info

2000sqm outdoor play

The Dreamland BMD School Playground is a dynamic and vibrant space that serves the community both on weekends and after school hours, transforming into a public playground where children and families can come together to enjoy recreational activities. This extraordinary playground, a labor of love that took an entire year to plan, design, and build, has evolved from its conceptual inception to a fully functional play area.

Spanning an impressive 2,000 square meters, the Dreamland BMD School Playground is a captivating realm of imagination, drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of knights and castles. Its most prominent feature is the towering 7-meter knight structure, which not only captures the imagination but also invites children to embark on exciting adventures. Kids can climb into this knight's fortress and gleefully slide down, experiencing a sense of thrill and wonder that forms the cornerstone of their playtime memories.

Adding to the wonder and excitement of the playground is the castle playground, inspired by a play structure from Holland. It comprises a series of five interconnected playground towers, linked by bridges, net rope structures, tunnels, and slides. This castle-inspired playground invites children to explore, climb, and interact, fostering a sense of adventure and camaraderie as they traverse its imaginative landscape.

Beyond the castle and knight-themed features, the Dreamland BMD School Playground offers a wide array of structures to cater to the diverse interests and age groups of its visitors. In the primary school area, children can set sail on a wooden boat, experience the exhilaration of a nest swing, conquer a 4-meter rope tower, and enjoy the unique swinging sensation of a hexagon swing. Spring riders, specially designed for smaller children, provide yet another source of delight.

Additionally, the playground provides an elevated area thoughtfully designed for toddlers. Here, youngsters can engage in age-appropriate activities, including wood log climbers, slides, rock climbing features, and a thrilling 30-meter zipline, providing an environment that encourages growth and development from an early age.

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