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Bandung, Indonesia

Project Info

700sqm outdoor play

The Dusun Bambu Playground Tower stands as a remarkable and multifaceted structure within the WE Playground, a sprawling outdoor play area situated in the heart of the vibrant Bandung theme park. This captivating three-story climbing structure is not just an ordinary playground feature; it's an imaginative masterpiece that offers children a world of adventure and exploration.

The tower's exterior is a visual feast for the eyes, with its facade constructed from wooden planks meticulously painted in a vivid array of Pantone colors.

Connecting the three stories are a network of rope ladders and net structures, providing an array of exciting pathways for children to ascend and descend. As kids make their way to the first level, they encounter a thrilling assortment of activities. Here, they can take exhilarating rides down slides, navigate challenging rope bridges, and conquer inclined climbing walls. The adventure doesn't stop there – an extension from this level leads to a platform, offering a bird's-eye view of the playground and an exciting launch point for the thrilling 20-meter zipline.

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