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Vienna, Austria

Project Info

450sqm indoor play

Our design approach was work with the existing space and re-create a new and invigorated space that is harmonious, exciting and features some new iconic playground equipment.


In this new design we have proposed some solutions to the existing challenges in the space, such as the existing outdoor playground equipment, the need for more kinderwagon space and the ball pit.

The new ball pit features a new entry at ground level through a tunnel. Once inside the pit there is a small ‘nook’ for children and a ladder which leads to the hanging net area and bridge connection to the existing playground. We propose that a box is built to protect the area from kids and a new steel structure to hold the net area


Front Entrance- The new design proposes a defined entrance and zoning where parents can sit and wait on a long bench, wall and shoe storage. On the other side of this long bench seating area are a series of sensory play for younger kids. This makes the playground look more professional from the street and clearly mark the entrance and entry towards the VW can reception desk. At the end we have made a parking zone for trolleys to maximise the amount of area.


For the older kids we have added a high climbing wall which would require supervision as its over 3m tall. Next to this is a felt weaving wall to help unleash the creativity for older than 5 years old kids.


In the babies toddler area we propose the design of a treehouse with incline climb. The upper area can be a quiet reading space and under the tree can be used for imaginary play or sleeping

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