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PIK, Indonesia

Project Info

350sqm indoor play

Orange Grove, a captivating outdoor retail concept nestled within the vibrant PIK development in North Jakarta, has become a focal point for both shoppers and families seeking a delightful experience. This innovative project takes the conventional notion of retail and transforms it into a holistic and immersive environment, combining shopping with play and leisure. The crowning jewel of this destination is its playground, strategically positioned to cater to the needs and desires of visitors.

The playground at Orange Grove is ingeniously designed to be accessible to shoppers strolling through the main Platz and pedestrian avenue, offering a moment of respite and enjoyment amidst their retail therapy. It was conceived with a unique vision that set it apart from conventional playgrounds: the incorporation of real greenery within its structure. Responding to the client's wish for a playground that seamlessly integrates nature and play, we embarked on a design journey that would bring the outdoors in.

One of the standout features of the playground is a shading mesh that extends over the slide, protecting children from the harsh rays of the sun and creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. To infuse an additional touch of nature, planters were inserted at the playground's edge, allowing greenery to flourish and enhancing the overall aesthetic while promoting a connection with the natural world.

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