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South Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Info

400sqm indoor play

Mei Amis represents a groundbreaking concept in South Jakarta, offering a diverse range of after-school classes and activities tailored to nurture and inspire children's growth. This innovative initiative introduces a holistic approach to education and enrichment, encompassing activities like yoga, cooking, creative writing, therapeutic sessions, and play.


In order to accommodate these dynamic offerings, Mei Amis transformed a historic mansion villa into a multifunctional and nurturing space, carefully preserving its architectural heritage while repurposing it to meet the needs of the community.

The renovation involved a thoughtful and comprehensive transformation of the mansion. The first floor was ingeniously converted into a series of spacious and well-equipped classrooms, fostering an environment where students can engage in various forms of learning. Meeting rooms were incorporated, providing a dedicated space for collaborative discussions and workshops, encouraging a sense of community and cooperation among students and staff. Additionally, a library cafe and reading spaces were thoughtfully established on the ground floor, promoting the joy of reading and intellectual exploration, offering a serene and welcoming area for students to immerse themselves in the world of books.

The playground area at the mansion's backyard was reimagined to ignite the spirit of adventure and fun for the children who visit Mei Amis. As a centerpiece of this outdoor space, a magnificent elephant-shaped slide was designed and constructed, promising exhilarating descents and imaginative play. The slide served as a symbol of the playful spirit that Mei Amis embodies.

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